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World Aids day Live

Posted by cathkin on November 28, 2008

Welcome to Cathkin High’s World Aids Day event.
We’re here live with our 3rd year pupils!
So the topic of debate is aids.

How do you feel about aids?
What would you do if you or a loved one had aids and how do you think it would affect your life?
What do you know about aids?
Have you learnt anything today?
Has your impression or views about aids changed?
What have you been doing at this event today?
Any other comments?

So bloggers pick a question or two and blog away!
Ready, Steady, Blog!


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T-minus one day

Posted by cathkin on November 27, 2008

Today the whole blog and podcast team are assembled in the meeting room to finalise the plans for our most ambitious event yet. The whole of third year will tomorrow be participating in a World Aids Day awareness event with guest speakers Ms Katrina McCourt from the Terrance Higgins Trust and Mrs Caroline Gibson from South Lanarkshire Council.
There will be live blogging, podcasting from 2pm so feel free to join us!

Pictures will go up after the event.

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Posted by cathkin on November 24, 2008

online_survey_312Good morning Cathkin High senior school. We are asking you to complete this survey to help us provide the best possible support for you at this important time in your school career. Please take the time to complete the following survey, considering your answers carefully. Where there is a comment box, please try to give us as much information as possible. It will help the school to provide the support you want to help you succeed in your exams. Just follow this link..

Thankyou for your help. Your opinions really do matter.

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Posted by cathkin on October 30, 2008

Our blog meeting room today is filled with new technology. We’re using the new mini-laptops to blog without wires, playing brain trainer on the new nintendo DS’s the school has recieved (‘Blue!’ ‘Yellow!’) and planning our next activities.

Now settled into our new school we’re about to set our plans into motion with the upcoming primary school road trips and World Aids Day event from which there will be a blog-a-thon AND a podcast-a-thon. Don’t we spoil you?

I’m very much looking forward to all the new activities and all the new possibilities the new school will open up to us.

These are the laptops we’re using right now. *exciting*
Asus laptop

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World Aid’s Day Event

Posted by cathkin on October 30, 2008

The Cathkin Blog and podcast group has arrived in the new school!

And to start off we’re going full steam ahead with our world aids day event

On the 28th of November we will be blog and podcasting live from 2 o’clock bringing you the opinions of todays youth on aids and from guest speakers and bloggers so why not join us? ^.^

hope to here from you all soon!

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Raising awareness for HIV/AIDS

Posted by cathkin on September 20, 2008

This year, on or around World Aids Day which is on December 5th, we’re going to be having a big awareness raising event in our school. There will be two or three guest speakers, some information films, and some activity workshops and training sessions. It should be a great day and very interesting for all the students taking part (its hoped it will be an entire year group that its targetted at). HIV/AIDS is a huge problem in the world at the moment and will continue to be until the political will so act on the solutions comes about. The drugs companies are making millions from the pandemic.

We are going to have an all day live blog going, with invited guests and politicians, just like our last blogathon two years ago. But this year, we will be podcasting live from the event as well with interviews and opinions from the floor of the event. We re trying to find a way of streaming this live – we can do it through our school shared area but it would be great to reach a wider audiance – any ideas how we coud do this would be greatfully received !

Maybe its time for a school radio station ?


More details to follow


The blog group.

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Back for another Year

Posted by cathkin on September 4, 2008

We’re back!

The holidays are over and we’re ready to start up another year of exciting and interesting events relvolving around the world of blog and podcasting.


To kick things off we’re planning to run an event to raise awareness on world aids day. This will involve pupils contributing to an all day blog-a-thon since our last one as so successful.


Shortly after we’ll be  touring around the local primary schools with a new exciting project revolving around the exciting world of gaming! We’ll be working with the pupils with such consoles like the nintendo DS and Wii.


Some time during these exciting events however we will be moving schools. Which might cause just a tad of chaos.  ^.^


Well that’s it for now. Hope you’ll join us along the way and keep on checking back for more details~!

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The Refashion Pledge

Posted by cathkin on June 12, 2008


A short time ago we posted a blog on childlabour in the clothes industry, this is still quite a popular topic of debate amongst students here with many standard grade english classes opting to write discursive essays on the subject too.  Now on one of our members many wanders across the web we stumbled upon this blog from the US. 

The project in brief is to refashion or upcycle old pre-loved clothes rather than buying from mainstream stores which encourage the child labour industry ruthlessly.  Could one survive not buying any new clothes for a period of two, four or six months though?  Alas there is a loop-hole.  Hand-made clothes are accepted and other items which can’t be handmade easily e.g.  shoes and of course for those sales you just can’t miss, the fabulous jeans that you can’t live without there is the ‘Get out of jail free’ card.

Many of us here at the blog group are planning on participating over the summer holidays so if you’re interested in joining in too, give us a shout!

-The blog group.

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End of an era – and the start of the next chapter

Posted by cathkin on May 1, 2008

Most of the blog group are away at the moment studying hard for their standard grade exams. I wish them every success at this important and stressful time. I have to say the past two years have been an inspirational time for me. My journey into web 2.0 really started with this group of disparate, intelligent, and thoughtful  young people. Together, we took a leap into the unknown, well for Cathkin High School anyway. We built up a school institution that has had sometimes visible, and at other times a more subtle influence on our school and learning community, but permeated the ethos in a way that’s here to stay.

Who could forget the all-day ‘blogathon’ and the hard work which resulted in a successful grant application to the innovation fund allowing us to buy a laptop computer and pod casting software which are still used all the time. Or the primary school blogging roadshows we did, working with P7 pupils showing them how to blog. Raising the profile of ICT and Web 2.0 and paving the way for GLOW.  Or even the now legendary ‘Cathkin Island Discs’ pod casts published on the school site (and yes it is coming –  the  Mackieson/McConnachie re-working of Dog- the Bounty Hunter in dubious honour of a Cathkin institution who must remain nameless !).

Plans in the pipeline – well a blog/podathon to raise awareness on National Aids Day later in the year, and the possibility of a school digital radio station. Watch this space folks.

All that remains is for me to thank the blog group, each and every one of you. You are a great bunch of young people with a fantastic attitude to life and a wonderful social conscience, both individual and collective. I look forward to welcoming you all back in June – those of you on study leave anyway.

Long may you, the cathkin ‘blogeratti’ continue to rule the web 2.0 waves

Ms Richards

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A few mentions and some well wishing.

Posted by cathkin on March 6, 2008

Firstly the blog group wishes Ms Richards, the founder of this wonderful institution, the best of luck with her operation.  We all look forward to seeing you back soon  (:

And secondly, good luck to all the students participating the music exams that will be running for the next two weeks.

-The blog group.

Keeping it active.  (:

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